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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

what gives me pleasure

It's February, it's gloomy outside and the international news ain't great. The book is knotty. And then... on a Tuesday evening, a supper date. A girlfriend invites four of us round to supper. White wine, delectable meal, conversation, everything and nothing - children, politics, law, food, holidays, clothes, age. Feel human again. Told assembled company that I feel lit up with a bit of human contact after a day's writing. They all laughed at me and groaned. Didn't I spend my whole life protecting my writing time? Yes, I hate to be interrupted by business. But the right call, the right interruption adds just a little heat to the day.

And talk, a run, a trip to the theatre, laughter, all help. So thank you, dear friend, for the trouble you took. As my husband would say, it's the simple pleasures. Yes, well, not simple for the shopper/chef/dishwasher. But simple for those who just eat and talk

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