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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Reading Positions

What's yours? I was on holiday last week in Cornwall with friends and someone commented: 'You do have a lot of positions for reading in.' Do I? Well yes, I suppose I do. And the one I never choose is upright, in a chair, with the book on my knee and my legs decorously crossed. No, to enjoy a really good read I have to be in one of the following positions: lying against a heap of pillows in bed; in the bath; on the sofa with feet propped up ; face down with feet in air (see picture); if in arm chair, curled up, or sideways with legs over the arm; in the garden in almost any position, including cross legged; on train standing, sitting; on any kind of step; lying on side propped on elbow....

So what, pray, is that about? Reading and relaxation, that's what. If at desk, or upright in chair, reading is business. If lolling, reclining or propped up, reading is part of letting go of life, and getting down to the business of other worlds.


  1. Mine favourite is: in a deck chair under an apple tree on a sunny day.

  2. Yes, that would be high on my list too. What is it about books and trees?

  3. In my house I've always had a 'cosy corner' for winter where stories are told and read. It has a comfortable chair with cushions and a soft blanket on chilly evenings.
    On summer days that are not quite warm enough for apple tree shade, an armchair with footstool by the open French windows is a great place to settle with a book.
    Looking forward to your next one.

  4. amendes:

    Anywhere quiet. Humanly quiet as possible i mean, with the sound of nature or some mechanical beasts passing by here and there, but never near a single soul. Voices are distracting.