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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Where Have I Been?

The answer is, everywhere. This is the trouble - or joy - of having a head-teacher husband. All hols have to be taken at the same time. And we've been to Tanzania - of which more later. Stunning and life-changing - the guests of schools and diocese 700 miles from the capital.
But this blog is about my new reading group - and an invitation, if you live in Watford or the local area, to join. It's a new venture, piloted by the Royal Literary Fund, and the idea is to have round table discussions of short stories and poems. But unlike a book group, the reading is done live, within the group - and will therefore be a live, shared experience.
I'm obviously very excited about this - it's high time we revived the experience of hearing words spoken, and of active discussion of literature.
Do come.

Reading Matters is a reading group with a difference. During weekly meetings we will listen to and explore stories and poems - what they mean to us and how they work.

All are welcome. No qualification required except an open mind and the desire to share ideas about writing, in conversation guided by a professional author.

Perhaps you are a mum with kids just started school, you are unemployed or retired, keen to develop your ideas about books and literature, someone who loves reading, someone who’d like to read more, or you just want to try out something new and meet a new group of people. Whatever your reason, just come.

Venue: Watford Palace Theatre

Time: Thursday mornings from September: 10.00 to 11.30

Cost: £2.00 per week (free to unemployed)

Numbers: Maximum of 12 people.

Applying: email: katharine.mcmahon1@googlemail.com or call 0774 868 1509 to book a place.

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