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Monday, 14 November 2011

one leaf

The book is duly launched. Wonderful feeling to have something to show for two years confinement in workroom - well, not quite, but writing a book is a bit of a solitary process.

Meanwhile an even greater achievement. To the Chilterns on magical November day - 17 degrees and everything very golden. Finally achieved my desire to catch just one leaf. Surprisingly difficult - if they fall too fast they gust away, and if they're too slow and few you have to be very lucky. But yesterday they were falling one by one from beech trees. I find it ridiculously exciting to watch a leaf drift down from high high up - something very poetic and reassuring to think it's been there, attached to its tree since last spring, while the rest of the world has been churning and agonising and making mistakes. I guess it's all about focus. In a bizarre sort of way it seems more important to have taken the time to watch one leaf fall than almost anything else I might have done yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, if you're reading this mad blog and you came to the launch, a thousand thanks for coming, and if you bought a book, I hope you love it, and you'll let me know what you think.

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