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Monday, 16 July 2012

Still Crazy

To Hyde Park yesterday for Graceland Concert - Paul Simon, 25 years on.  Paul Simon, more than Dylan, I think, has provided the anthem, the background music to my life.  Those plaintive lyrics exactly reflected teenage angst - one of my favourite songs remains My Little Town..... In my little town, I never meant nothin, I was just my father's son.  Saving my money, dreaming of glory, twitching like a finger on the trigger of a gun.  That's me, that's me, I thought...  And changed my name to Kathy at university because of America and Kathy's Song.

And I suspect his lyrics have influenced me as a writer, too.  I think he strikes a chord, as a poet, that perfect connection of words and music and feeling.  Songs get into the blood almost more than poetry.  He's not afraid of metaphor or just chat in a lyric, or wit.  So there's a way that I somehow wanted to strike a chord too, in my writing  - a perfect assimilation of words and theme.  Well, that's the hope.

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