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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Equals.... a trip to the library to borrow a mountain of books because we are going away for what could be a blowy, book-filled week in Cornwall. When the children were small I'd come home laden with 20 books, now it's just my own. And oh the bliss of the return with a bulging canvas bag. The great thing about the library is you can take risks. And you can borrow books you know you probably won't read.. but just might.

And this time, what a haul. I have a Barbara Kingsolver I never read. An Elizabeth Taylor. The new Linda Grant. These are the definitely will reads. Then there's Bate's biography of Shakespeare: The Soul of the Age. Just might, because I'm still working on a play about the sonnets. Then there's a Helen Dunmore, but I find I have to be in a certain mood for her. And collections of short stories which I won't take with me but may read later, Mann and Yates. And finally ... hmmm. Durrell's Alexandria Quartets which I confess I have never read. I'd love to love Durrell. I hope I do.

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